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From Clean & Clean we would like to give you some advice in order to lengthen your clothes’ life. Washing them correctly can make your clothes last for a long time. Come to Clean & Clean




Place products that prevent or eliminate moths pests in between your clothes

Avoid washing duvets at home if you do not have a washing machine with a 10 kg or higher load, because the duvet’s weight after getting wet could break your washing machine

Avoid ironing your clothes before storing them for the next season; otherwise, yellow spots will appear

Fill your shoes or fur boots with paper to prevent them from being deformed, and apply cream for leather to prevent them from getting dry

Do not iron at very high temperatures because the fabrics can be damaged. If a wrinkle cannot be removed, the best procedure is to moisten the piece of clothing with a water sprayer

Store your occasion wear, jackets or dresses, in suit covers after washing them for preserving them better. In Clean & Clean we offer special services for party wear with jewellery

Do not store knitwear clothes hanging. They can get stretched or deformed

Store your clothes buttoned and with zippers up. This will prevent them from getting deformed


Avoid storing your clothes in wet places and in non-hermetic plastic bags

It is advisable to clean carpets, comforters, curtains or fur clothing at least once a year


Clean your clothes or bring them to Clean & Clean before storing them. You will prevent spots from sticking to the clothes


Nail polish spots? Do not use nail polish remover, it will damage your clothes. Come to your nearest Clean & Clean and we will help you

You can wash delicates as well as underwear together with other pieces of clothing, but it is advisable that you put them into a net bag to prevent them from getting damaged

If you use aggressive products to remove spots, your clothes may get damaged. If you do not know how to get rid of spots, come to your nearest Clean & Clean and we will help you with our spot cleaning techniques

It is not recommended to fill too much the wash load, fill it only up to 3 quarters. Moreover, if your clothes are ripped or torn, they may get worse in the washing machine, so bring us your clothes to Clean & Clean Stitch and we will repair it for you



If your clothes have faded, in Clean & Clean we have processes to recover your piece of clothing. Come to the nearest establishment and we will try to repair it

Always wash whites and coloured clothes separately, or separate them according to the temperature. Wash fading pieces of clothing separately, or apply a special product for that laundry. If you have doubts, please come to Clean & Clean

Do not expose to direct sun light; otherwise colours are washed out more easily

Wash in cold water and check that it can be washed at different temperatures. In Clean & Clean we have the appropriate technology for every fabric.

Always turn inside out and button for washing. Empty pockets and zip up. Do not use too much detergent; an excessive use may damage your clothes.

Always read and follow the instructions in the labels


Washing by hand exclusively. At a max. temperature of 30º C.

Do not rub or twist

Machine washing at the highest temperature indicated

Machine washing with medium shaking and

short spin cycle. Recommended

for delicate clothes

Do not wash with water

Machine washing with delicates program



It can be dried in dryer

It can be dried in dryer at a reduced temperature

It can be dried in

dryer at normal temperature

It cannot be dried

in dryer

Hang without draining

Lay flat to dry  

Line dry



It can be dry cleaned,  provided that products containing  trichloroethylene are used

It can be dry cleaned

with any type of solvent

Iron at a maximum tem. of 110º C (low).

Natural silk, rayon,

acrylic acetate

Iron at a maximum temp.of 150ª C (medium).  Wool, polyester mixtures

It can be dry cleaned  only with mineral products


Do not dry clean

Iron at a maximum  temp. of 200ºC (high). Cotton, linen or viscose



Do not iron

Chlorine can be used

Do not use chlorine



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