Since 1992 different scenarios within the dry cleaner’s/laundry sector have been tested by analysing the customers’ preferences. Our first requisite has always been quality in our services. Thus, we developed our own know how which allowed us to process our customers’ clothing taking care of every step during the process: from spot cleaning to packaging, including different quality controls for dry cleaning, wet cleaning and ironing.



It was not until year 1998, after many years with previous experience within the sector of clothing cleaning and maintenance, when Clean & Clean entered the market.

In Clean & Clean we are sure that offering a product completely distinguishing from what can be traditionally found in the market is the only way to reach the final customer successfully. Therefore, CLEAN & CLEAN is always under a renovation process based in the implementation of the latest technological developments into the field of taking care of clothing, through a work system inspired by the just-in-time-system. This system only makes things easy for the customer, and gives a good image representing prestige and quality.

Clean & Clean is present in several countries, and we keep growing, we will be bringing our philosophy and way of working to all continents soon.


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