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For the international expansion of its brand, Clean & Clean uses the agreement Master Franchise. By this agreement, Clean & Clean grants its exclusive rights to a specific country, territory, natural or legal person.

The local businessman becomes the Clean & Clean Master Franchise for this country, bearing overall responsibility of the franchise in his/her territory.

The international headquarters of the franchise will transfer all necessary knowledge by means of our own and distinguished know-how. This know-how will be the tool used for creating a new franchise network following our quality, technology and image criteria




Before implementing our brand in a new country, in Clean & Clean we conduct several market researches and business plans that guarantee our success and acceptance among our customers. The necessary investment for the acquisition of the Master Franchise is different from one country to another, depending on the potentiality of the market.

In Clean & Clean we look for people who share our work philosophy with a clear entrepreneurial profile and great management skills, who could offer the necessary human and economic resources for the great development of the activity.

Are you interested in being part of Clean & Clean?






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